Healthcare gadgets are all about out of the box, we are expert to realize your idea
Time Management
We keep tight in schedule control, from development process to material logistic control, as well as production efficiency. Time to market are our top priority.
Proactive Team
Our project and product management team understands the important of keep customer in control of the progress, we reflect and resolves issue with customer in proactive manner.
Turnkey Solution
Body sensing turnkey platform or module reducing your development path.  These platform can be expanded and customized to fit your application
Cost Control
We are not just build product in a competitive price, we shape the cost by design and process optimization to reduce unnecessary loss during development and compliance approval process. 
We see people’s need in their daily life, we provide solution for making life better
Our technologies for different healthcare application
Heat Without Burning

Smoking without harmful substance

Images and Object Identification

Facial Figures Identification

Micro Motor for powder dispensing

Hair Treatment and Dry Shampoo 

Acupoint Therapy

Massaging of heads & body

Hearing Aid

Enhancement of Hearing Capability

Working Performance Sensing

Body data collecting for identifying your working efficiency.