Manufacturing advantages for Medical Devices
Guard your quality
Clean room and Control Room are equipped in all our production sites which are compliant with FDA and CFR820 compliance. 
Proactive Team
Project and product management team understand the importance of keeping customer in control of the progress, and getting problems solved in proactive manner.
Traceability Ready
Traceability is one of the key in development and production of medical devices.  This process will be started once your development has been kicked off.  All records are transparent and traceable.
Cost Control

Costing control is considered as one of the key elements in development and engineering, design for manufacturing, processes and production optimization. Take additional step to reduce unnecessary loss during compliance approval process. 

Technologies applications for different medical devices
Vaporizing and Dispensing

Medical syrups, drops dispenser, Inhaler

Images and Object Identification

Medical Tools inventory management

Robotics Arms

Instrument and Tools drop and picking

Flow Sensing

Dose measurement and dispenser 

Optical Sensing

SPO2 sensor, Body Temperature, Heart Rate

Inventory & Logistic Control

UDI System for trace and control device location and status